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Great article! Biggest challenge is understanding your team's unique recognition languages.


Creating is the new fuel of any startup. With out it the startup will eventually fail. Creativity effects every part of a startup — partnerships, product, ops, marketing, and sales. …


The past two years I have been trying to find different methods to create a space of focus to create productivity. I have tried to create more structure like a to-do list or workout more. Both have given dull results. The past two weeks, I’ve found that there are a few keys to create more focus.

Remove Distractions — do not have your phone next to you and mute all notifications

Work in mini ‘sprints’ — create a time to work on a project or chuck of items for 90 minutes and take an immediate brake, go for a walk to get some sunshine.

Automate and/or outscore repetitive tasks — personal chores, investments, and taxes

Create a productivity space — declutter, have some plants around you, and have ergonomic furniture

Work Smarter, Not Harder. I’m trying to live by this now.

Love learned about product development, trying to pivot to a product role. Feel free to share any resources like newsletter, podcast, or courses.

Prev. experience at Google’s legal team, focused on user privacy.


Cal Grad. Product & FinTech Enthusiast. Currently at YouTube Music

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